The Oxford Beach is now closed, removed and won't return till Mid-Summer's Day 2014 - Not long now for more Oxford Castle Quarter Fun...

Outside Sausage HQ, we had 32 tonne of sand, deck chairs and some palm fronds nodding in the summer breezes through the barmiest summer we've recently experienced.
The Oxford beach was open daily for cocktails, BBQs, beach games and general basking in the sun - We had a great time and it showed the Oxford Castle Quarter in a fabulous new light as the most exciting corner of Oxford.
Oxford's a town overrun with great green spaces, but what we've always really needed was a beachside area - it's where people look their best. Right in the middle of the city, in the historic Oxford Castle Quarter.

Don't take my word for it -
Here are some lovely words by Oxford stunning Songsmith Nikki Loy - 
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Or by velvet voice of the radio Sophie Law - Click Here

Or this by the Oxford Mail's Mischievous Macky - Click Here

Or this by Auntie at the Beeb - Click Here

Or this by Amazing Oxford City Guide - Click Here 


You get the message... everyone was talking about it! Just wait till it's back, even bigger and better than before, for next Summer.





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